Having built over 25 telecom and data centers at all levels of density and redundancy in the past five years alone, we are acutely aware of the demands for quality and reliability that are unique to mission critical facilities.

Beyond basic building needs, John O’Hara Company is prepared to offer strategic planning, schedule enhancements and comprehensive construction management to ensure all of your mission critical needs are met. From the first day of preconstruction through turn-over, optimized functionality, energy efficiency and the absolute reliability of your facility’s operations are our focus. John O’Hara Company can be trusted to produce incredible results for all of your mission critical goals.

Selected clients include:

Echostar, NJ
Verizon Business, NJ
British Telecom, NJ
Fibernet, NJ
Morgan Stanley Data Center, NJ
Charles Schwab, NJ
Sunguard, NJ
Qwest, NJ